upcoming roles: You can see Billy in the upcoming Netflix series The Liberator. 

Theatrical Reel

Created from moments experienced on screen, this theatrical reel is meant to showcase the more sensitive and vulnerable side of actor Billy Breed. 

Upon viewing, you will see his characters struggle through drug addiction, confront false accusations of killing a loved one, and arrest Mahershala Ali. 

Although each role served to be an amazing experience, his proudest and most gratifying moment came when filming the Academy Award-winning film Green Book. While shooting, Billy had the unique opportunity of working with a long time hero of his, director Peter Farrelly, as well as acting alongside cinema legends, Mahershala Ali and Viggo Mortensen.

Comedic Reel

Although having experienced more commercial success through his dramatic roles, Billy has always considered his greatest acting strength to be comedy. 

A highly trained comedic actor, having graduated from the Groundlings School in Los Angeles, Billy excels in character creation and commitment to the outrageous circumstances he is placed in.  

In this comedic  reel, one can see the volume of Billy's comedic talent as he plays an outrageous high school senior coping with the pressures of making his Varsity sports team, a flamboyant barista shamelessly self prompting his one man show, and Lady Gaga.

Although this reel showcases a wide variety of Billy's comedic prowess, it fails to demonstrate the magnitude of his comedic range which can be further explored through the sketch comedy he help build - 20 Something Comedy.



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